Adobe’s Acquisition of Figma Has Sparked Debate Among Designers


Adobe recently announced the acquisition of Figma, an interactive web app for interface design, for $20 billion.

However, users who believe that Adobe will collapse many Figma tools have not welcomed this with open arms.

Many believe the tool will no longer be free and will be included in Adobe’s Creative Cloud paid premium service products. Nevertheless, some experts believe that the company will continue to exist.

According to Jonathan Poston, a company’s growth consultant, the perfect situation will see Figma “Adobe-fied and hyper-monetized.”It could also become a second option to the point where no one wants to use it.

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Since Dylan Field, the firm’s founder and current CEO is still in charge, it is unclear what Adobe might do given its history of acquisitions. Dylan Field has stated that Figma will remain free for the time being, but this may change in the future.

According to the statements made by both organizations, Figma will continue to be a stand-alone business led by its current CEO, who could answer to David Wadhwani, President of Adobe’s Digital Media Business.

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In addition, Adobe provided an investor deck outlining both companies’ strong points and motives for the acquisition. Also, both enterprises have a large and increasing number of joint customers, which may have prompted the company to buy Figma.

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Although this isn’t Adobe’s first rodeo, it has acquired businesses such as Behance, a LinkedIn for artists;, a collaborative video production tool; and Sayspring, a voice interface platform.

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