MVP Match Raises $5M in Seed Round


German-based tech talent marketplace MVP Match has raised a $5 million seed round in order to expand its global talent recruitment strategy.

By acting as an Employer of Record, MVP Match, founded in 2020 by Levin Wense (CEO) and Philipp Petrescu, is able to manage the entire hiring procedure, including setting up local offices and handling talent onboarding.

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It allows recruiters to build teams in other regions without worrying about the lengthy recruitment process and paperwork.

The startup wants to make “finding and working with tech talent easier than ever before” by using the funds to build new hubs in Africa and Europe, grow its team, and relaunch its proprietary platform.

The growth plan comes after the opening of a new hub in Egypt, which MVP Match will use to find talent in the area. More networks are to be established in Africa.

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The CEO said, “We see entering Egypt as the first step in our exciting journey to bring the entire continent into the global talent pool.”

Besides, the company plans to open its market to its clients by establishing a local presence and collaborating closely with local talent.

Clients and other global companies in locations such as Egypt can scale their products and engineering teams.

Also, MVP Match can provide them with complete legal infrastructure to permanently employ local talent without a physical presence.

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