Do You Need to Apply with a Cover Letter as a Tech Talent?


As a techie, do you need to apply with a cover letter? This is a recurring question in the minds of many devs who believe their portfolio should speak for itself..

There have been debates among recruiters regarding the use of cover letters since a curriculum vitae already contains much of the same information found in a cover letter.

Also, many job seekers believe that it is unnecessary to send a cover letter with their CVs. Therefore, many job applicants are uncertain about sending the document at all.

Questions such as why are cover letters a thing, should you send one if not asked, and are they necessary in 2022, are among the burning thoughts many job hunters have.

Even if you are unhappy with having to go through with writing cover letters over and over for every job you apply for, take a min, and see it as a lesser evil as you must conform to what the recruiter wants.

If you have been asked to send this document, do so without overthinking it. If you haven’t, then you are free to apply without one.

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What Is a Cover letter?

A cover letter is a document sent with your CV when applying for jobs. It acts as a personal introduction and helps to sell your application. You should always send this document with the position you’re applying for in mind.

Is Cover Letter a Compulsory Element During Application?

Cover letters are not compulsory. They largely depend on your employer and what they request of you.

When applying, the most important thing is to ensure you follow all instructions given to you during the recruitment process if these procedures don’t compromise your morals or your person.

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Why You Should Send a Cover Letter?

To gain an advantage, you send a document that summarizes your major accomplishments in a few words, allowing the employer to clearly understand what you can do for the company.

Therefore, if you don’t think it’s necessary, you can omit this element, though many employers have expressed interest in receiving one even when it isn’t requested.

How To Write a Cover Letter?

You must be one of the many job seekers who have stated, “I refuse to write cover letters; they are a complete waste of my time.”

But, now that you’ve read the reasons why you’ll need to send a cover letter to your recruiter, you’ve probably changed your mind.

Now that you have changed your mind, do you know the proper structure in which to compose a good cover letter?

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You should ensure that your cover letter captures the following information.

  • Your legal name
  • Working email address
  • Mobile number
  • House address
  • A headshot of yourself (optional)
  • The address of the recruiter, name, and position.
  • Start with a ‘’Dear Sir/Ma/HR’’ in situations where you do not know the recruiter’s name.
  • Start to pitch yourself and give in no more than 800 characters about what you are about and how you are the best fit for the role.
  • End with yours sincerely.

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Cover letters are more than just a requirement for getting your foot in the door. They are an opportunity to highlight your professional growth and paint a picture of how you can contribute to the company effectively.

By reading this article, you have learned the importance of sending your resume when a company asks for it. This may be a challenge for you if you are not accustomed to writing cover letters, so a prewritten cover letter generator has been created to provide you with a head start.

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