5 Must-Have Knowledge Before an Interview


The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Even though the quote may sound simple-minded, it speaks to job seekers on an individual level. While choosing the right job is an important part of the process, job seekers must also prepare for interviews to showcase their passion and enthusiasm for their career of choice.

When applying, you must be proactive to get that dream job. You must earmark the possible interview questions and answers.

Thus, you must examine things like what an interviewer should do throughout an interview, what credentials applicants should bring to an interview, whether the session is virtual or physical, and so on.

In the wake of recent technological advancements and the social changes that went with them, virtual interviews have become increasingly commonplace. Therefore, it is important to pay cognizance of this.

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Here is a Dropdown of the 5 Things to Do Before an Interview

The Right Skillset

Technical skills are essential to the job. Without them, you won’t be set apart from the rest. You will get even more noticed when you have gained experience with these skills. Therefore, you must gain these skills before going on interviews to increase your chances of getting a job.

Thorough Research

Alex Twersky, the co-founder of Resume Deli, a resume, and career service firm, says that job candidates who are unprepared for interviews make the worst impression.

Researching a potential employer is essential to preparing for job interviews. Before your interview, research the company to find out what its goals are and what it expects from employees. Research the interviewer, too, if you can.

Plan a list of questions and do a mock interview with a friend or family member. Practice answering different types of interview questions. Find out about the company’s key players, as well as its current projects and achievements.

Another thing not to miss is ensuring you honestly indoctrinate the company’s culture to aspects that suit your work ethics when speaking at your interview. Making sure to know the products that the company is offering, who their client is, and how the products work would give you an edge.

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Negotiation Dexterity

While there are recruiting agencies like DevRecruit who map out the clear terms and agreement of your job offer and working conditions, you may need to gather information when dealing with others.

If you have been invited to an interview for a role, it is important to know the structures for payment in that position. It can be difficult to find credible sources of information on salary scales, but colleagues you trust may be able to give you some insight.

You can also check websites such as PayScale for more information about typical salaries for roles like the one you are applying for.

Place of Interview

Now that you have a sense of the topics you should prepare for, you must also know when and where your interview will take place. The interview could either be virtual or in person

If this is a virtual meeting, you must switch on your camera video and have a steady and backup wifi connection to avoid disconnecting from the meeting.

Also, you need to ensure that the lighting where you seat is good and proper.

If the interview is in person, you need to dress for success. When arranging for an in-person interview, be sure to wear clothes that are clean and pressed.

Make sure you print out physical copies of your resume, as well as any other materials you think may be useful. Before arriving at the interview, figure out the fastest route available and plan accordingly.

Turn off your cell phone before arriving at the location and refrain from checking it until you leave. Sleep well the night before to ensure that you look well-rested, enthusiastic, and positive during the event!

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Check for External Review

Even if you believe this company is a good fit for you, you may discover that some organizations have a big name but do not focus on employee development.

Hence, openings are always available, and their employees often burn out. To ensure you don’t fall victim to this you must check online on sites such as Nairaland, Quora, and LinkedIn to get a better knowledge of what you are walking into.

LinkedIn makes it even more workable as you can reach out to past workers of the organization to get a grasp of what working with the company is like.

These reviews help you better decide if you would go for the job altogether as you wouldn’t want to start a job and experience frustration if it were a toxic environment leading to mental exhaustion on your person.

You could also do a bit of investigation on the interviewer to get an inner scoop as to what the person has been all about.


To grow and learn and plan for that interview, you should join network connections that house talent and can provide you with the best options. DevRecruit is one of those companies that can help you in getting a foot closer to landing that dream job.

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