DevCenter Innovation Upscale Its Fintech Firm Wallx


DevCenter Innovation promotes the growth of its sister firm, Wallx, a fintech application geared at lifestyle, merchant, point-of-sale, and foreign exchange.

As the financial firm’s structure and client base expand across the country, the organization continues to invest more energy in the brand.

The app has functions like peer-to-peer transfer, bill payment, cable subscription, Ajor donation, bill split, thrift collecting, money safe lock, merchant listing, and many more.

Furthermore, the firm says that employee participation and brand awareness would help the company develop.

Its purpose is to guarantee that every employee takes part in the development of the fintech business.

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Additionally, the firm has continued to establish itself through different collaborations with stakeholders including Bells University whilst also developing its application’s performance to further enable merchants to flourish.

Meanwhile, it has recently introduced its foreign exchange platform called Wallx Swap, in which you can easily switch your foreign currency for naira and transfer it at once to your local account.

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Wallx is a big financial game changer that DevCenter Innovation expects to bridge the gaps that other fintech outlets have yet to find.

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