London Technology Club Launches £30M Fund for Fintech and AI Startups


London Technology Club (LTC) launched a fundraise of £30m to invest in promising fintech, AI, and mobility startups.

However, the aim of LTC is to provide funds for 20 to 25 investments over the next year.

Therefore, the London-based investment company will be prioritizing British, US, European and MENA-based startups.

Consequently, Konstantin Sidorov, CE LTC said “The technology revolution of the 21st century has positively transformed the way we do business, …”

“The growth will generate long-term returns to investors, employment opportunities for the next generation, and the benefits of innovation to consumers, businesses, and the community.”

Moreover, the London technology club was founded with the goal of creating an “investment community”.

This community is to bring together private investors, venture capital firms, institutional investors, and technology experts.

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London technology club had just launched Pledge Fund I, which ended up raising £17m and resulted in a capital return of 30% in under two years.

Sidorov started the LTC in 2018. He was an early investor in major tech successes like Spotify,

In addition, the LTC launched an investment hub in Dubai.

This would be a great opportunity to branch out in the Middle East and North Africa.

Some of LTC’s previous partners include Barclays, IG Group, and Petrolex.

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